Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Packing up

On Monday, I began a task I've been dreading for weeks: packing. Fortified by lunch at Eppie's and my friend Kari's best-wishes, I dragged out the boxes I've used for my past two moves (I wanted my $3.50 worth), and surveyed the scene. It did not take long to realize how much I've accumulated in my time at Darden. There's a significant amount of new clothing; a three foot stack of cases; a shelf sagging under the weight of course-packs and textbooks; various souvenirs from recent trips to France, Egypt and China ... and much, much more. Ugh. Given my plans to head north with my boyfriend and move into a 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, this accumulation is a thing of grave concern. And so, for the past couple days, I have been trying to gear myself up for some heavy-duty downsizing. Thus far, I have stuffed two, large garbage bags with unwanted purses, clothes, knickknacks and books. These are going to the Salvation Army. In addition, I have filled another two, large garbage bags with junk. These are bound for the trash compactor. All in all, I am quite proud of myself. And so, as a reward, I will now put off the rest of my packing until after graduation, when I'll be fortified by a not just lunch and well-wishes, but my old friend, necessity.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Foxfield ... 6th Edition

Yesterday I celebrated my 6th (and quite possibly last) visit to the infamous Foxfield Races. Often touted as UVa's social event of the year, Foxfield offers attendees a quintessentially Charlottesville mix of early morning cocktails, horse racing and seersucker. Usually, Foxfield is a signal that spring has truly sprung -- sundresses and the subsequent sundress-tan lines are viewed as a given. Yet this year, forecasts called for rain. Now any other community would likely have clicked on, seen the thunderstorm warnings and thought better of spending an entire day trudging through muddy fields dressed in their Sunday best. But Darden, and the greater University of Virginia student body, would not be deterred. To protect ourselves (and the aforementioned sundresses) from the drizzle, we zipped into windbreakers, pulled on rain boats and fashioned makeshift shelters out of tarp, wooden stakes and duct tape. We were rewarded with a fabulous day. The drinks flowed freely, my horses won and we all walked away without those awkward tan lines.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting ready for the big move

When not trying to milk every last drop of fun out of our last weeks in Charlottesville, Jesse and I have begun sizing up the painful challenge that is moving from Central Virginia to Brooklyn, New York. This is a task that falls squarely under the "not-fun" category of pre-graduation activities. Like everyone I have ever met in my life, I hate moving. It involves tedious packing; carrying large, heavy objects; and worst of all, negotiating tight spaces while relying on the guidance of loved ones. Gross.
Add to this, a very strict budget, and the prospect of a 6-hour U-Haul drive, and it's almost enough to make me give up on our big city dreams and remain here in Charlottesville forever.
Such a decision is, of course, highly impractical. While allowing me to keep my lovely, "seafoam blue" sofa exactly where it is, it would mean missing out on this "empire state of mind" I've heard so much about. And a new life with my significant other. So ... U-Haul it is.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three more weeks!

According to various status updates on Facebook, there are a mere three weeks left in my Darden career. In preparation, I've gone through all the necessary motions: I've submitted my cap and gown sizing information, made graduation weekend dinner reservations, donated to the Second Year Gift and earned the required Leadership credit (like a Boy Scout badge, but no flare!). And yet ... I'm just not ready to say goodbye. Clearly, my boyfriend is feeling this too. Coming into Q4, he sat me down and told me he wanted to get everything he could out of his remaining weeks in Charlottesville and at Darden. This, he explained sweetly, would involve taking afternoon golf lessons, visiting all local vineyards and breweries, and attending every single Darden-related social event, from the highly-anticipated Foxfield Races, to the random Huntington Village barbecue. I, of course, agreed that this sounded like a phenomenal plan. Which bring us to now ... it's mid-afternoon on a gorgeous, 70 degree day. Over the past three days, my boyfriend and I attended Darden's Spring Social at the Jefferson (an awesome event featuring live music at a recently renovated old theater on the Downtown Mall); won Darden's inaugural squash tournament (well, he did); went wine tasting and picnicking at King Family Vineyard in Crozet; and played a sorry round of cornhole by the light of some tiki torches. All in all, a very-Charlottesville, very-Darden weekend. Perhaps tuckered out from all this activity, or simply having put his Fear Of Missing Out to rest, Jesse is now hard at work on a paper (he just asked me how to spell "contentious," so I know he's actually working). Some of us still haven't earned our Leadership Credit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nearing the end

The signs are all around ... the diploma form stuffed into my Darden mailbox, the push to support our Second Year Gift, and oh yes, of course, the class meeting about graduation logistics ... The end, as they say, is nigh. And soon, I will leave this cocoon-like, b-school existence and make for New York City. As exciting as this is, the prospect of leaving Darden makes me pretty glum. I have truly loved my time here. Not only have I learned a ton, I've made great friends and in some small way, I feel like I've made an impact. Yet now, it's transition time. This afternoon, I'll meet with a first year who will soon take over my duties as Communications VP for the National Association of Women MBA's. And next week, the Media, Entertainment & Sports Club will host its last alumni conference call. And pretty soon, this blog will stop featuring my musings on MBA life and begin to chronicle my Big Apple adventures. Sigh.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paris! Cairo! Luxor!

Posing at the Temples of Karnak ...

... and the great pyramids

... and in front of Notre Dame Cathedral