Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Women's Leadership Week

This week, the Darden chapter of NAWMBA (National Association of Women MBAs) is holding its annual Women's Leadership Week. As the name implies, the week is devoted to encouraging conversations about women and leadership -- from the hurdles female execs may face en route to the C-suite, to the challenges of balancing work, family and personal time.
This afternoon, Tricia Griffith, group president with Progressive, flew into Charlottesville to give a talk as part of Darden's Leadership Speakers Series, and I had the pleasure of joining Tricia for lunch beforehand. In addition to detailing her more than 20-year tenure with Progressive, Tricia talked about the planning required to vacation with her husband and their six (yup, six!) children, the importance of leading by example and the merits of encouraging healthy debate among your team members. The conversation was great and it made me even more excited for the other activities on tap this week, including: tomorrow's case discussion led by Prof. Ed Freeman, Thursday's reception and fireside chat and of course, Friday's SHE Auction Red Carpet Gala!

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